Get Featured on Dorodangonation!

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Oh I know it may not seem like much right now, but more and more people are looking into the Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango, and the Dorodango Nation is going to grow! When it does, I’d like for enthusiasts to find this website to be a place where they can discover all they need to know in order to enjoy the art.

Part of that plan is to feature the people who are doing it and doing it well!

Featuring . . . You!

Would you like to be featured on Here’s what you do:

• Write a paragraph introducing yourself, what you do, what it has to do with Dorodango, etc.

• Describe your Dorodango process

• Offer at least one tip for those just starting out

• upload pictures

If you are interested, email me

here and we will work together to show people your creations!


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