Welcome Dorodango Nation!

My Dirt

I first learned of Hikaru Dorodango while watching an episode of Mythbusters. I couldn’t believe it! Had to try it. That was about four months ago. I immediately purchased Bruce Gardner’s book, Dorodango: The Japanese Art of Making Mud Balls.

I learned a lot from his book. I also searched around for videos and tutorials. There are a couple of nicely done videos by the Nito Project that taught me some things too. In the end, so far anyway, I have begun to approach Dorodango with a combination of procedures gathered from all I have mentioned above and more plus my own knowledge from experience with my dirt.

What’s Ahead?

What are my plans for this blog? First, I’d like this to be a place where Dorodango enthusiasts can showcase their creations, share their methods, and learn. Second, I’d like this to be a great place where someone can get started with Dorodango. So, that’s it. There will be more to come. For now, if you do Dorodango, leave comments below, links to your stuff. If you’d like to be featured here or copy and paste into your browser the address shown below. dorodangonation@gmail.com


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